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Deep Pu Routes In A Chambered Guitar...


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The guitar I'm working on is chambered sapele with a spruce top. Do you think it'd be a good idea to make the PU routes really deep too, essentially adding more chambers? I'm using humbuckers and mounting rings so attaching the pups won't be a problem. Will the extra depth have feedback issues? Thanks for the help!

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Depends what you want to do; I doubt it'll make a huge difference if you're suspending the pickups from rings anyway. If you were thinking of direct mounting the pickups, that's a different story. I will say that the pickups I've put in gutiars with full chambering (floating pickup) feed back more on the bridge than by the neck, where the pickup's more isolated. Personally, I think this is because the top by the bridge is more free to vibrate than it is close to the neck.

If you're doing it for weight gain, I wouldn't bother.

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