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Finding A Dodgy Connection


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I've been having a problem with my JEM for a while now. When I select any pickup other than the neck, I get little or no sound. If I wiggle the selector switch a bit, I can usually get output but it can take a lot of fiddling with which is not ideal in the middle of a song! wiggling the volume control or even pushing the pick-guard can affect the "connection".

I first thought that it was the selector switch getting dusty/corroded so I cleaned it up and then replaced it with no improvement. I've been through and re-soldered all of the connections several times with no joy. I even put some electrical tape under it in case it was grounding out on the cavity shielding. I'm at a bit of a loss for what to try next.

I seems obvious that there's a poor connection somewhere but I can't find it. I've been all over the circuit with a multi-meter to check the continuity but can't find a problem. I'm not sure that this would even help though because the connection can be just a bit crackly and this might still count at continuity for the MM.

Any ideas folks?

Could it be a problem in the actual picukps or connecting wires? Perhaps I should try directly connecting each pickup in turn to the output to reduce the problem down to its component parts. This is a major PITA though because I have to re-string it each time to test it.

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One of your pots may need replacing?

Your symptoms sound the same as when my volume pot broke.

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I thought about that but why would it be that the neck pickup works perfectly?

ah, I missed that....

It does sound like the pickup could be the problem, but I'd wait for someone a little more experienced than me to answer before you go an resolder anything.

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Well, it would have to be the bridge humbucker and the middle single coil. It's got the usual Ibanez 5 position selector and in the neck + single position, I can hear the single coil dropping in and out of the mix. It's only the neck humbucker that consistantly has a good connection.

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