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Mxr Phase 90 Mods


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i been thinking about modding my phase 90. its a new one and i want more Van Halenish style phase, so ive been looking at different mods. i was just wondering if any of you have tried either and have acheived the decent results.

heres the two that ive been looking at:

1) removing the feed back resistor(24K), .01uf, and 680pf capacitors. as seen HERE** or

2) the "Script Mod" which is slighly more compicated wich can be seen HERE

** it ses right at the top of the page that this one doesnt make the "reissue" a "script", so im not sure if its wat inlooking for. im not hellbent for the EVH phase sound i just want something less whooshy and in your face.

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