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Led Under Pickups, Question About On/off Switch.


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I have recently started undertaking a project to install green leds underneath my pickups, I use emgs at the moment and will be running both off the same battery. I would like to install an on/off switch for the leds however I am relatively new to electronics and would greatly appreciate if someone could double check my diagram so that I havnt missed anything.


the blue blobs are resistors, the green blobs are the leds.

The idea I've had is that if I hook the pickups and positive wire from battery to the common terminal then the pickups will always have power to them, and that if I hook up the leds to one side then when switch is to that side the leds will be on, however is it ok to leave the other side like that with nothin on it? or will this cause problems?

The other thought that I had would be to hook up the leds to the common terminal, one side to positive side of battery and other side to ground but I do not know if this connection to the ground is neccesarry or not?

Any help or input will be greatly appreciated,

Thanks !

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