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What Would You Do?

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Okedoke here is the deal...short version lol. I hate hate hate and have never understood why so many companies find it so necessary to put knobs, especially volume knobs, right where my big greasy rythmn hand is going to smack them with my neanderthal, metal head wrist action..I got a body coming with 3 x holes and a 3 way. The usual volume area, right under the bridge pickup is getting filled with a killswitch, the switch I am getting cannot be bumped as such and its the perfect spot for it for very quick access etc. Hole two is volume, dont really need tone control, so the question is, what to slot in lucky hole number 3?. I have not really decided yet between another EMG set (WYLDE or KING maybe) or a cal set of Bareknuckles. What interests me most at the moment is on board effects and preamps. I am well aware of the EMG AB and similar, and I notice now ESP have something similar (MM-04 or something from memory....its plonked in their Alexie LAHIOIOIAAOIAAO model or whatever his name is, the dude? with the pink axe). The other issue I have is that there is a double battery compartment and so if I do go with the actives then still have a battery slot open, so preamp is very viable. Whats on the market in this area, whats best, whats crap on a stick and what would you do?..

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I'll be ordering an EMG VMC soon. Of all the "one-hole" options, it was the one that appealed to me the most. It's in the bass accessories section of their website, but it used to be marketed for both, so I contacted EMG directly and one of their engineers confirmed that it would be (and is) useful for a guitar's frequency range as well. It's on a stacked cocentric, so 2 knobs in one: 1 knob to control the frequency of the peak, and one knob to control how much it is boosted or cut. Boost the mids going into your amp to slam the preamp with the guitar's fundamental frequencies, and then scoop them back out again in the amp's own EQ to bring you back to a level EQ playing field.

That's just one of the options for using the VMC... mid boost/cut is handy in general, and varying the frequency in realtime can give you wah-like effects.


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Ya ok that VMC idea seems very interesting. Being in the base section I have never looked there lol. I ordered some things any way, mainly from EMG, cause I plan on doing other stuff in the near future anyway so I will get to have a fiddle. Still cant find however how to source one of them ESP jobby jobs. I might do a thread search aslso and see if I can find some opinions on modboards, I have never had any dealings with them at all.


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