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An Odd Project

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Hey folks,

About five years ago I inherited a funky old, poorly sanded-down beat to crap old squier. My brother & I laughed and talked about painting it up & refinishing it, I started some art on the body, but life took over and it got stowed til the first of this year. Since then I've finished the art on it and would like to put a top coat on it. I've also become really intimate with HOW crappy the sand job was on the piece when I got it, and naturally I didn't do anything put start to draw on it. So, it's thicker & thinner all over with some funky kind of divits around the curves.

I plan on fitting it out with new hardware & the like either way, so I suppose my question is: Will the crappy shape of the body seriously affect the final product? Should I just put economy parts in it so it will play, or would it be worth putting dream hardware in. It's a novelty all around, but if I could make it a really sweet novelty, I will. :D

Thanks for your patience & understanding, as obviously I've stumbled into this parallel hobby and am not exactly starting from a delicious stack of wood. :D

-mollie jones.

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Welcome to the the forum.

I presume the guitar is intact with all the hardware on it, exept maybe the wammy bar.

The first thing I would do is plug it in and see if the electrics are ok. If not, take the scratchplate off check the wiring and see if any of the wires have come off thier terminals, you can get diagrams from Here re-solder and check again.

Make sure the neck is nice and straight and it is nice and securely bolted on to the body.

As long as that is ok start with the "decorating".

small dents and chips won't affect the sound just the aesthetics of the thing. It realy depends on how you want the guitar to look, after you've finished restoring it, filler and sandpaper will go a long way to making it look nice after a paint job.

But before spending any money on it or time and effort make sure that it is a viable prject

that's my 2 pennies :D

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