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Pickup Choise


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For the past few days i've been searching for pickups on the net and so far i found this:

1. Bridge: DiMarzio D Sonic, Neck: DiMarzio Air Norton

2. Bridge: DiMarzio ToneZone, Neck: DiMarzio Air Norton

3. Bridge: DiMarzio Evo2, Neck: DiMarzio Air Norton

4. Bridge: Seymour Duncan SH-1, Neck: Seymour Duncan SH-4

For middle pickup for the DiMarzio configurations i plan to put HS-2 or Fast Track 1 and for th Seymour Duncan configuration SSL-6.

Some people have suggested me Active EMGs but from what i've heard they sound to sterile.

The body of the guitar is from Ash, Maple/Walnut neck and Ebony Fingerboard and i need the pickups mostly for metal (thrash and progressive) and shred but also throwing some jazzy things here and there.

Also i've searched with no success for a piezo system that i can use with a floyd rose. To be honest the only piezo saddles that i found were Graphtech Ghost and i don't know if they'll suit my purpose. Are there any other companies that make them and which are the best.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Your first choice of pickups would probably suit you best for what you are playing, but I'd also skip the middle pickup and just run a switch for series/parallel on the neck pickup instead. Nobody else makes piezo Floyds except for Ibanez, so the GHOST is about as good as it gets. None of them are particularly stellar, so for actual recording a real acoustic is still your best bet. GHOST is great for live performance without switching guitars and MIDI work.

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