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Testing Pickup


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I received a pickup i bought through ebay and i cant put it in the guitar yet as its not finished. Anyhow the guy wants me to leave feedback so i need to test it. Its a seymour duncan SH11. Barring installing it in another guitar how do i know which color wire is which coming out for testing resistance to make sure its good?

I have green, black, red, white and a bare wire. I know from looking at the wiring diagram on SD's website but what is the best way.

I know I can just try each lead combination but it would be nice to know what each wire is actually for.

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I wont be much help untill someone comes in on this with facts.

I have a dimarzzio whoknows what with something similar.

I come up with red/black at 4.2 ohms with the meter set at 200K

green/white at 4.2

green and black against red and white together gives me 2.1

the bare whire is just a ground.

I know right before I took this pickup out of a POS junk ebay guitar, i was tapping on it and it appeared to be coil splitting when I tried the different leads against the jack.

if you have any guitar with strings on it you can hook the black wire to the base of a guitar cable, and the red to the tip lead and strum the guitar and see if you can get any sound out of it holding it near the top of strings. Just be ready for feedback.

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