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Truss Rod Length

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On the plans for my 12 string the length from the nut to the tenon is 375mm ( 14 3/4" )

In Cumpiano's book this this measurement ( from nut to tenon ) is basically the length of his truss rod plus the adjustment screw.

On my Tanglewood acoustic (which is an Ovation copy) the truss rod extends to the end of the fretboard, which if it starts from the nut makes it an 450mm (18") rod, being that the heel block finishes about 50 - 60mm ( 2- 2 1/2" ) from the end of the fretboard what (if any) advantage do you get from having a rod this long rather than one which ends just past the tenon.

The scale length is 25" and the body joins the neck at the 14th fret

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Ok thanks Mat, so I need a rod thats basically the length of my neck i.e. from the nut to the tenon

P.S after doing some more research I came across This Pictorial tutorial which confirms what has been said.

I think it's the 13th pic down

So this is the way I'll do it unless anyone has any reason not to.

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