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Engraving Shell


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Get normal india ink.

"Paint" it on the lines with a small paintbrush, let it dry, either sand it off with a little 400 grit, or wipe it clean with your thumb, then "seal" the engraved lines by taking a little CA glue, and puting a drop of it on some wax paper. Tear a little piece of wax paper off and dip it in the glue, then again "paint" over the engraved lines with that. You'll have to sand it down again ever so slightly with 600 or so grit paper, but your engraved lines will be sealed.

You can get any color lines you want with this method. Just be careful not to sand away your lines. Just the glue.

Some people also use shoe polishes, and other colored sticky substances.

I think ebony dust is much more trouble than it's worth.

Stay with the inks.

I've done it this way almost 99% of the time, and almost all my inlays have some engraving on them somewhere.


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