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Figured Maple Question


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I'm thinking of buying a 6mm figured maple top for a project from www.touchstonetonewoods.co.uk. The only information they have is 'medium fig' and 'good fig'. Can anyone give me examples of what each one looks like, as I find it hard to determine just how good medium is etc. Thanks

It's hard to tell as it might be very subjective. I was recommended these guys: http://www.holz-faszination.de

I bought from them and the service is great. And you actually choose the piece you want to buy from their online pictures. If you don't see what you're looking for email them with your requirements and they'll send you pictures of other pieces for you to consider.

Pricewise they seem to be reasonable, they ship fast. So I would recommend them too.

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Grading figured Maple has become pretty loose in terms of what the dealer chooses to call a piece. You are best to choose from pictures, unless you have a dealer you know very well, and they understand what you want. It is really not asking too much of the dealer when they are asking such a high price per. bd. ft. for these top sets.


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