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Installing Fernandes Sustainer


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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum.

I'm curious and adventurous and bought a cheap guitar to experiemtn with. I'm in the process of installing a fernandes fsk 101 sustainer kit on a Lyon guitar. They sell em at Target for about $100 but I bought it used for $50.

If I post some detailed questions and pictures, will someone please help me get this wiring right. The manual that comes with the kit is pretty vague. I suppose they assumed it will be installed by someone with much more experience with this than I do. I think I understand most of it, just not quite sure on a few things.

Just wanted to ask before I took all the pictures and such.


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Well since no one told me to go away, I'll try anyway.

The drawings for the wiring of the sustainer seem pretty straight forward. The one question I have, right now, is about a pieced labeled 223. It's a box with those numbers written on it. I'm trying to think back to my electronics class in college. It was only one year and haven't really used it. (eek!)

Is this supposed to be a resistor or capacitor?

Here's a PDF of the install instructions.

I'm looking at the 3 way pickup selector drawing on the thrid page.

Thanks for the help.

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