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Correct Truss Rod Length

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What about Kramer's 36 fret F-1 Guitar or Washburn's EC 36, Or even those 36-fret 12 string 35" scale Basses - Jerzy Drozd, Cirrus - whose Necks goes deep into the Body ?

How long are those Truss-Rods?

Or on a trough-neck Guitar? What is needed, or the Rule of thumb?

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can   neck thru bass    have  truss rod a bit  longer and   titanium reinforce rods   all from  nut   into body ,, or   is  this  not    ok ,,it  look like good  idea,,and   do  you position  reinforcement rods parallel to  truss rod  or   as  neck  widens  at  heel  they should  be   narrower at nut   vs   heel ,,PLEASE  IF   THERE  IS A  LUTHIER THAT   KNOW   FOR  FACT about this  matter  /PLEASE  MAIL  ME  ,,    michomicho223@gmail.com    / i need  information   urgent ,,if   chance   to  talk  via skype  or  zoom ,,i   pay  if  needed for   good   information

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