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Crazy New Idea

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So the guitar I'm currently working on will have four layers on the body wings- 1" maple, 1/4" cherry, imbuya veneer, and etimoe veneer (in that order.) My idea- rout the basic control cavity into the maple, that plus the channels for pickup wires and bridge ground into the cherry, and nothing into the two veneers on top and use that to mount the pots/switches. Sound like it would work?

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It would only depend on how sturdy your veneers are. Other than that, I don't see why not. If you use long-shaft controls, you could probably even get away with including the 1/4" cherry in that mix. You'd have to see if all your controls come in long-shaft varieties, though. But if they're just wee thin veneers, I wouldn't really think it'd work... for the veneer to adhere smoothly and properly, wouldn't it need to have contact with the wood that it's being veneered to?

So, it just comes down to if they're flexible, paper-ish veneers, or if they're a pair of relatively sturdy 1/8" veneers.

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i second that;

a veneer on the top is bad enough if your not pro from sanding thru; but when its a support issue; id be very careful;

plus to get it perfectly flat when there isnt anything underneath could be a problem;

this reminded me of a guitar a "friend" of mine built, where "he" didnt have a router;

so "he" built a 'plywood' style guitar by cutting out everything in levels proir to glueup;

i htink it was 7 layers;

the neck pocket was cut out of the top four layers; the pickup out of the top three and the control cavity out of the bottom 6;

did it all with a jigsaw drill and some files; and sandpaper..............alot of sandpaper

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Seconded what Greg said. (Oops - thirded, been beat to it)

But do just want to mention - if you're going to route wiring channels in the cherry prior to glue up, be careful that you don't fill those channels with glue when you put everything together. I've done this, it's a pain. One member on here had actually put soda straws inside his channels prior to glue up, which helped ensure a path that was glue free.

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