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Best Way To Hide This

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There is a small chip in the bottom of the neck pocket at the egde of the body. I've done a little experimenting with different shades of filler and even stained some of it trying to match the natural color of the mahogany. I'm gettin close but thought I'd see what some of you would do with this. I dont have grain filler yet(and I'm unfamiliar with it) but I'm guessing that would not work. I'm planning on just putting clear on this part of the guitar but maybe I'll have to put a little bit of red tint there to hide it. The pic isnt great but hopefuuly its good enough.DSCN2968.jpg

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What's the finish going on this piece? I did a similar dust+epoxy fill, and it matched up rather nicely with the piece after I did my grainfill (with epoxy)

By finish do you mean what type of clear? I'm still a little undecided on that. Dont know if I should try a laquer or just stick with a poly.

Do you think doing a grain fill with epoxy will give a better result than the regular grain fillers?

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