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Recap Painting

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Ok I believe I got this down...I searched and found some painting tutorials but none(that I noticed)that fully explained it. If there is could someone give me the link :D But I have never painted a guitar only natural finishes. I am going to use a gravity feed spray gun with a 1.5 tip...I know 1.4 was suggested but I didn't think it would matter much, or would it? So first I would put grain sealer, then primer, then paint color(auto paint?), and then lacquer or poly right? Thank you

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Here's a couple of links that might help you mate. Just trying to help.


Click the "Factory Fridays" link to the right, then the "More" button a couple of times and watch the video of them finishing guitars.

Also, quite good explanation here:


Look for the Les Paul links to the right, I started you off on page 9 but it's worth looking at this all through.

Hope that helps.

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