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Bypass Switch?


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After I got an outstanding solution to my last question I thought that I'd try another!

I want a switch that will BYPASS the tone & volume pots on my (single pickup) guitar. I have tried this using a two-way on/on switch but I'm still able to send the signal to earth using the pots when the controls are bypassed.

I feel sure that this is sort of the same issue that affects Les Pauls (when in the middle position, turning down one volume pot turns down both pickups) and I've seen a fix for this but I just can't get my tiny brain around the schematic.

What should I do if I want to be able to switch between using the controls and direct output?



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To bypass the volume connect the switch so the hot wire from the pickup and the middle wire on the volume pot are disconnected from the pot and connected to each other when switched. This will require a DPDT switch. Leave the tone wire connected to the volume pot and the tone is bypassed as well.

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