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Fixing A Warped Neck


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I'm working on a cheapo Kay solidbody. When I got it, the truss rod was frozen, the neck had a pronounced upbow and the fingerboard was beginning to separate from the neck. So I removed the fingerboard, removed, cleaned and lubed the (very rusty) truss rod and thought all was well.

However, even with the truss rod functioning (and the fingerboard not yet reattached), the neck won't lose its upbow. Does the wooden spline the truss rod flexes against need to be lengthened (see photo #4)? Does the neck need to be jigged and steamed straight? Any advice would be most appreciated!







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lengthen the fillet first and see if it works any better with more to work against. If its still not doing much the clamp it straight and use heat lamps rather than steam to set it in place. If you cant get it perfect then sand it flat (assuming it wont remove to much wood!!) before reattaching the fretboard

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