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Tiny Holes In Nitro Finish

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I sprayed my 4th coat of nitro yesterday and my mahogany back has little pores in it. I thought I had filled the grain well enough...guess I didn't though or how else could it have happened?

Anyway, I was wondering what my options are. If I thin my next couple of coats, will it help level things out? Or should I drop fill all those little holes? Or whould I need to sand it down mostly flat and shoot some more coats of nitro? What would be the best course of action?

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If there are not that many (like a few in an area the size of your hand), I'd drop fill. But if its more than that, I'd level sand it a bit more and continue shooting.

You may still want to thin it slightly (like 10-15%), just so that you don't run the risk of trapping a tiny air bubble in the pores by shooting a coat so thick that the air bubble won't rise up through the nitro.

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