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What's The Thinnest .057" High Fretwire Available?

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Looking for a Really Thin Fretwire with the height of 0.055" to 0.057", 1.4 - 1.45mm. Dunlop 6100 height.

It Should be 2mm wide (0.079") or less.

Gary Kramer http://www.garykramerguitar.com/F1.htm has a Vintage Wire:

"For increased playability the F-1's fingerboard utilizes two different fret sizes. Medium jumbo frets are installed from the 1st to 24th fret position, with Vintage sized wire running from 24 to 36.

Don't know it's size though.

Dunlop 6105 is 2.29mm wide but I'm looking for a thinner one.

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Don't think such a thing exists. Why do you want that size so bad ?

And the quote about the F-1 doesn't indicate anything about a fret height around .055". To me, it indicates fret height from .043 to .050, with two widths. The thinner probably being about .080. wide.

Everything tells me you should settle for a .055 height, and you got two widths to choose from : .090 and .110

I can't remember if my Dunlop 6105 and 6100 have the exact same height, but they're close enought to be leveled together. Ralph Novak used to like to put both 6105 and 6100 on the same neck.

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