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Printed Sticker Questions


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Hi. i've got a few questions about printed stickers.

1. how does waterproof color ink react with lacquer?

2. is there any way to make stickers more sticky so that they stick better and longer?

3. i read that decoupage is a good method for sealing/protecting/hiding edges of the sticker. however, i do not understand whether one should apply the sealer and then clear coat it...

Any help is appreciated. Thx..

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Hey cockroach,

I think most people on this site would instead recommend a waterslide decal, followed by a clearcoat. If you look on the main "projectguitar.com" site, there should be one I believe, written by Jehle. If it's not at the main site, Google around for it and Jehle might have it up on his personal webspace somewhere.

I'm not sure about the actual sticker question, though, I'm afraid. Is this going on a headstock that's already finished, or is it currently bare wood or an otherwise un-lacquered finish?

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