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Tininting A Pearl Pickguard Color


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Hi all. I m building a beautiful new strat from an ash bheflin body (*very* nice stuff thy sell) and a warmoth neck with pau ferro fretboard. I'm using the reranch coral color, that kind of shrimp orangish faded red stuff. I love it. The trouble is I want a pickguard that doesn't contrast so much like a wwhite pearl one does, I'd like to make my pearl pickguard sort of a shrimpish, pinkish color to, though not the Fender pink or a hot 80's metal pink. I have my own spraying equipment, compressor, touch up gun, filter/regulator. So I was wondering if this is feasible... mix up red and orange dye into nitro (that mek stuff?) and keep trying till I get the color right, let it cure and then shoot some one part epoxy over it then.

I just don't know how the toilet seat prearpoid is going to react to the nitro. Or maybe there is some simpler way somone could suggest?

I'm using toneriders blues set and a tone king whammy on this guitar. The tone king is feraking astounding. It won't go out of tune even dive bombing on a 24" scale guitar with light strings and cheesy tuners (tried it out on my jagmaster first).



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I've heard Rit dye works well for dying plastics, although I've not tried it myself. Basically, just get a bucket of hot water, put the dye in, and put your piece in. Here's an article: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa38...907/ai_n8867845

Hey DC thanks that looks like it's worth a try. I'm worried about the heat warping the pickguard though... maybe just try and make it warm not hot. I got some sacrificial old pickguards around I can experiment with. I know Rit makes red and orange... could look real nice on my cream essence of toilet seat PG. :-)


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