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When To Finish


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do you finish the neck and body sepritly and then glue them together or do you glue them together and mask them of and finish it then? :D

do you finesh the front and back of the body at the same time?

what is the minimum temp you can finish at I will be finishing at winter and the bigest room i can paint in is about 10 by10 ,in other words how do you finish aguitar at winter time? :D

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I am no expert at this, and please wait for a voice with more experience to speak up, but. I have always seen a set neck guitar neck glued into place before finishing. If you did them separately, too much of a chance of getting finish where the glue joint will be, plus gluing and clamping on a fresh finish doesn't sound like a good idea to me. As for front and back at the same time, depends on what you are doing, paint, stain, a burst, or clear coat.

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Set neck together, bolt on doesn't matter.

Depends on how you set up, you can do front and back at the same time or separate

I have sprayed with cans when it was about 25 degrees outside, but I was in a small shack with my dual 500w lamps hitting the guitar. But just follow the recomendations of the paint you are using to be safe

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