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Newbie With Questions.

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I am completely new here and new to guitar building, tho i have been playing guitar for about 10 years.

I am looking at the Saga Kits, and i have read conflicting reviews regarding the quality.

It seems with these kits you get what you put into them.

I am torn between the Les Paul and the PRS clone.

any suggestions/tips.

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I’d say that they are some of the best kits on the market as most of them are bolt on and the Saga kits are set neck. They only require a basic understanding of how to build and require a very minimal amount of tools. You can even get away with doing an oil finish if you didn’t want to take the time to paint.

I’d suggest upgrading the pickups to better ones but the hardware is good for the money.

It’s a good entry point into building.

As for PRS VS a paul, that's a personal choice.

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The Saga kits are the least expensive on the market and are definately bolt on necks.

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Well i have heard bad things about the sealer that comes on them, and that the veneer top is paper thin.

I think i have decided to go with the LP i am going to make it white with gold humbuckers from guitar fetish, gold hardware and a black pickgaurd.

I am basically looking at these kits because of:

A: pricepoint

B: I know nothing about woodworking.

I can rewire and upgrade the stock hardware, but im unsure about the finish.

Would a white spraypaint or primer covered in the Rerange tinted clearcoat work to give it a vintage look?

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