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Where Find 4-string Bass Bridge W 16mm Spacing?

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Hipshot makes them, you can find the prices lower at dealers (bestbassgear is where I purchase mine). .656" = about 16.6mm, not to mention the bridges are 3D adjustable, so I think you could even get 16mm string spacing out of them. Don't quote me on that though, I don't know what gauge strings, string types (exposed core, full wound etc) or how adjustable the bridges are side to side. I think they are right about +/- 1mm side to side though.


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I have a Schaller bridge, which, with the string spacing adjusted close together, is about 16mm between strings, give or take a hair. They're in the allparts catalog (Schaller's website is still being wonky for me)


although that says "6 string", it pictures a four string, like the one I have. I'd confirm before ordering if you went with that one. With the saddles as close together as they get, I'm getting 16mm between strings, (using Jons metric-english conversion) and a complete string spread (E to G) of about .875". (Sorry, my calipers aren't metric)

You could also try looking for bridges for Gibson basses, as I believe their smaller string spread was more in line with that 16mm number you mention.

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