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Should I use a 500k or 1 meg ohm volume pot?


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I'm in the process of making a 7 string with a mohogany body with a dimarzio evo 7 in the bridge and an airnorton 7 in the neck. I was wanting a pretty simple setup with just a 3 way toggle switch for my pickup selector switch wired up like an ibanez jpm guitar and just a volume pot. Not sure if I even want a tone yet.

I was wondering if a 1 meg ohm would give me too much treble over the 500k. I play mostly metal and am wanting a really crunchy high gain sound out of the 7 stringer.

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in going with seven strings some reason a 1 meg really opens up stock ibanez sevenstrings, so i would suggest it i did a trhead before on moding my buddys ibaenz to 1 meg pots sliver mica caps, and changing the tone to a blend knob for leads. and it sounds killer now, before it shounded like three inches of crap now it screams like a wall of marshalls

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