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my first project


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hi ppl , im new here as you can guess B) , so go easy on me :D

im making my first instrument . a 4-string fender style bass.

im using a strat for my body template and made the neck to similar specification as my hohner "the jack" bass. ( no its not gonna be headless!)

ive made a test neck out of an old fireplace mantlepiece which looked like mahogany ... until i planed it! , damn stain!.

The actual neck will be made of mahogany(yes real mahogany this time!) of which i have a lot!

what i would like to know is, what wood is it made of? could it infact be used instead of the mahogany?

i have uploaded pics of the neck to:


the wood seems very light , it can get very rough when working against the grain , having said that it is very smooth at the moment.

opinions? should i forget about it , and use mahogany? or is it worth a try?



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well , most of the hardware arrived yesterday! :D

i have already routed the truss rod hole, and shaped the neck.

I realised that i have a serious amount of what seems to be rosewood .. so i made my fretboard .... that gets fitted tomorrow.

seriously this wood is nice, it has a very stormy looking grain, and is very heavily flamed (flames are 90 degrees to the grain) , and its a very nice colour. much darker than the mahogany and yet brighter than the rosewood fretboard on my strat.

i`ll try to get a few pictures up tomorrow!

John. <-------- happy! B)

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If you are going to use mahogany for a bass neck, due to the length and thickness of bass necks, I would suggest using some graphite rods in it for strenght. Mahogany isn't really the best choice for a bass neck. Stew Mac sells graphite strips that are like .125 x .250 that you can put into the neck for added strength. Nothing would suck worse than building your first neck, having it look great, and finding out it's not strong enough.

For what it's worth, if that wood is very light, it won't be maple I don't think, more likely a poplar or basswood.

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ive already assembled the neck, so no going back now!

it has a stew mac 24" Hot rod , so i reckon it should be strong enough.its only going to be 32" scale so the string tension wont be so bad.

im not exactly sure what wood the fret board actually is , it appears to be rosewood , but it is beautiful!

heres a picture of it (slightly blurred... sorry)


its a little more redish in real life, the camera flash makes it look brighter than it is.

any ideas?

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