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Guide To Satin Finish?


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I just bought a mahogany with pao ferro fingerboard warmoth neck for my fender and I want to satin finish it. I've looked around at guides but haven't really found pertaining to Satin finishes.

Can I just pick up a can of clear satin finish at a Home Depot or something? And then just use a sponge brush to finish the neck?



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I'm confused ... :D

If you bought the neck from Warmoth, chances are it already has some sort of finish on it.

Warmoth will not warranty any of their necks without some sort of finish.

If it is in fact unfinshed, I wouldn't recommend using any sort of clearcoat, ESPECIALLY spraypaint from Home Depot. :D

I'd recommend either tung oil or tru-oil.


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Warmoth won't (at least wouldn't) warrantee the neck if finished in oil. Hard finishes only. I'd also strongly urge against ever using a straight, pure oil (like tung) as a finish. Tru-oil, yes, since it's a polymerised varnish-type oil finish, and is considerably tougher/harder than a plain oil like tung or linseed.

And no, most warmoth necks aren't sold with a finish on them. They also sell finished necks and bodies, but a 'standard' neck is unfinished.

I like shellac on a neck. Wipe on with paper towels, if you don't want to mix your own get some Zinnser seal coat, wax free.

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