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Tele Bass Neck

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ok heres the deal, i have a squier precision bass affinity series, 34 1/2 scale.

its a pretty good bass already, but i want to make it my signiture bass basically, like in other words youll basically never find another bass exactly the same

my question is, im going to buy a 1972 tele bass neck, now would that work well? its all maple maple neck maple fretboard, same scale, and the body of my bass is alder. im pretty sure that would work, but im gonna ask the pros lol. (btw i do realize i need to drill some new holes becuase of the three screws on the tele bass neck as opposed to the 4 on the squier).

i bought the squier in january 2006, though im sure it dates back to 2005 or possibly 2004, but i doubt the latter and assume its a 2005.

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