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Question On Finishing Maple Neck


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I am about to start the finishing of my current build and I am trying to think through the whole process of finishing my neck. I just want to make sure what I am thinking would be the best way to finish the neck.

1- first spray a few light coats of Deft sanding sealer.

2- lightly sand smooth

3- apply amber tint

4- spray a few light coats of laquer

5- apply headstock decal

6- spray a few light coats of laquer

7- start with heavier coats of laquer

8- polish neck

Is this the basic idea of what I need to do?

I am trying to figure out what type of amber tint I should get? I would rather buy something locally rather than buying it online. Is there some amber tint I could buy locally? any brand names, types, ect. would be appreciated.

Here is the neck


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I bought this cheap squire a few years back. It had an unfinished maple neck. While in the grand scheme of things the over all process I did was probably wrong (I sprayed it like I would a customers kitchen cabinets) I do have 1 trick. If you can find really cheap "contractor grade" lacquer, basically the **** they use in really cheap track homes it will spray very yellow. It worked pretty well. Not quite as amber as my 56 RI but it actually matches my original 74 strat's coloring pretty well.

- worth a shot I guess.

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