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Lp And Sg Ground Wire Question


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Where is the proper place to run the ground wire for a standard Gibson/Epiphone tune-o-matic guitar? Bridge or tailpiece?

Typically, it has been my experience that the ground is run from the bridge, but I recently built my first guitar (from a cheap Les Paul style kit to get a better idea of the inner workings of the setup) and the only opening was to the tailpiece. I ran the ground to it, and the guitar works fine... short of a massive amount of feedback whenever i am not in contact with the strings or other metal pieces. (seems like that could be the issue... but all wiring and pickups will get changed out soon enough).

Basically, I am moving into my big build, building a new SG style guitar with tune-o-matic bridge, but I do not know where to run the ground to... bridge or tailpiece. I have a few days before my Duncan pickups arrive, so I wont be running any electronics wires just yet, but i would love to get this figured out as soon as possible.

(shoot, if anyone has the wiring diagrams for a standard 3 way to one vol/one tone, send it my way. I have one or two, but the more information the better!)

Thanks ahead of time! :D


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I don't reckon it makes any difference if you ground the tail or the bridge: whichever is easier to rout the wire channel and whichever you feel will give the best electrical contact.

Here's the standard wiring for 2 humbuckers, 3 way pup select, one vol, one tone, from the Seymour Duncan site.


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