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Poplar Laminated

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I have a couple of poplar boards in my basement that I bought at Lowes and I'm thinking of building a tele type body out of it, but I'm unsure if I'll be able to use it for it since it's only 4/4 (a little under an inch) in thickness, and would require me to laminate them on top of each other to yield an acceptable thickness. Has anyone done this before with any type of wood, but specifically poplar? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I'am guessing you mean 4 feet x 4 feet x1 inch......yes you can put two 20 inch x 15 inch x 1 inch boards together.I would reverse the grain to help stablelize the wood.And make sure the glue sides are flat .Wipe them with naptha to make sure they are real clean and dry,add a good coat of glue and clamp it real good .Let it set over night and draw your shape on it in the morning.No problems.

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