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My first project guitar...

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Hi folks, I'm currently planning my first project guitar. These are the basic specs:

Hollow Swamp Ash Strat Body - likely from Warmoth or USACG

Rosewood on Birdseye Neck 1 5/8 fatback w/ compound radius - from Warmoth or USACG

Hard Tail

Lindy Fralin or DiMarzio VV N&M Pickups

PAF-type bridge humbucker to be named later

Standard strat pickup combos and T/V controls

Pretty pearl white pickguard

Translucent blue finish - like this http://www.melanconforum.com/images/Kim%20...x%20Classic.jpg

I'm currently collecting the tools I'll need as I've really been into taking care of and setting up my guitars lately. Can anyone point me to a tutorial on cutting the nut, and recommend some books to help get me on my way? I already plan on purchasing the Guitar player Repair Guide and Make Your Own Electric Guitar. I also plan on documenting the process from start to finish on the web. If anyone has comments or advice on my materials choices you're more than welcome to share them. Thank you in advance to any help you may be able to offer.

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Cutting your own nut is a bitch, at least it was for me, it took me two tries to get it the way I wanted, I guess it depends, Im very picky with my setups, I was lucky to borrow a guys nut files, it really helps to have the right tools, I play 8's, really thin strings, most precut nuts are more like for 10's, so basically unless your going to play a non typical string guage, or have an extremely high or low action, like me, i always lowball it, fenders are supposed to be buzzy anyways, hehehe then try the precut nut route, if not, then get a good set of files, from stewmac or somewheres like that, or try one of these out, i think my next 2 projects are going to have earvanas on it, http://www.earvana.com I have been wanting to try it out, just take your time, carefully think about what string guage your going to be most likely playing with, and take baby steps in sanding the bottom and filing the slots as once you taken too much away, its time for another blank and start all over again if you have any other questions ill try and help out


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