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Dimarzios With P Megaswitch


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Hey all, I'm having a bit of trouble adapting the Dimarzio color codes to the P Megaswitch diagram. For reference, the P switch and the Dimarzio diagram (PDF).

Also, my "finished" diagram, with help from trusty MS Paint.

What I didn't take into account was that I'll probably end up doing a star ground method on it, because I think it looks much more clean. Or maybe just a regular grounding method, for that vintage sound :D

Basically, I'm hung up on when it says "ground with/without shield." Does that mean I have to split the green and black wires in my diagram and run one to the back of the volume pot? or does the ground have one of those braids around it that I need to cut away and solder. I Ebay'd my pickups a few hours ago, they should be here sometime next week because Paypal is fantastically expedient like that. Maybe this is one of those things where I just need to have the wires in my hand and then it'll all click. Other than the ground wire issue, I'm confident that the rest of the diagram is correct.

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i dont know if i understand u, but the thing is pretty much, like this:

1. Series link (coil-tap) of neck pickup: Black & White wire

2. Hot output, to volume pot: to output (of the guitar)

3. Series link (coil-tap) of bridge pickup: White & Black wire

4. Ground (without shield) from bridge pickup: Green wire <---Here's your mistake

5. To ground (back of volume pot): to ground (of the guitar)

6. Hot wire from neck pickup: Red wire

7. Hot wire from bridge pickup: Red wire

unsolder those wires, only solder green to the switch and the bare to the back of pot, like this:


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So you're saying that I should separate the green and black wire and send the green to the back of the volume pot. That's what I thought also. When I finish up the guitar and get to wiring, I'll modify my design accordingly. Thanks a bunch!

Until then, anyone else have any thoughts? I figured with the amount of people who shop at StewMac, someone would have bought and used a P Megaswitch.

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So you're saying that I should separate the green and black wire and send the green to the back of the volume pot.

noope, the black goes with the white, the green is the "ground from pickup" and the BARE (no color, just wire) is grounded at the back of the pot

look at your schematic, the green and bare are solderer together at lug 4. lug 4 should only have green wire from bridge. the bare wire goes at the back of the pot, the black n white to lug 3 and red wire to lug 7 (every wire from bridge pickup)

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i know dude, i've had one of those when installing my dimarzios... it took my almost 4 hours (i normally do that un 30 min, an hour maximum). i cut a wire i didnt have to, wires soldered on wrong places, etc..

now my baby is workin.. (i have two push-pull pots for series-parallel) and i love it!

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