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Strat Neck Age Question

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Hey,sorry if this is a n00b question but can I yellow my unfinished AllParts neck by soaking it in tea?EDIT: Why did I not realize it would warp? Probably not but it might be worth a shot. If that doesn't work,can I use a yellow wash on top of the lacquer? :D

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Don't soak it in tea! That will just lead to the wood warping and pickup up moisture. You'll take ages to dry it out - as in months - and it probably won't be playable.

What I'd do is just put some amber dye in with the lacquer (very low concentration) and spray a layer onto the neck. If you like the colour, move onto clear lacquer, however, if you want it more aged, add another layer of the amber. Continue until you have the correct colour, then finish as usual with clear.

Alternatively, if you're spraying with canned lacquer, just apply the dye to the wood and lacquer over the top.


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