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Removing Fingerboard

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working on my Hamer blitz bass restore. I got the body striped down with the heat gun and ready for sanding to start.

started to remove fingerboard and then my iron died on me at about the 7th fret(damn almost there)..

my question,,

I started on the fingerboard at the heel I had some small strips of wood fall out. maybe an 8th inch thick and 1.5 inch long. at first I thought I was digging into the wood of the neck, but after I got past that and was able to see under the fingerboard and the neck was fine. not a mark on it!!!!!!!! I'm assuming that these small strips of wood were shims for the fingerboard to help the fingerboard match the neck angle where the fingerboard rides up on the body. yes?????

it a 86 Hamer blitz bass with a set neck!

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