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Frets Are Scratching My Finger

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My new strat is great but whoever did the fret job must have rushed it. When I am playing the frets scratch my finger as I slide my hand up and down the neck. I feel like I could saw through logs with it. Can I sand them down? Do they need to be filed? Or should I just replace all the frets?

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a couple of things you can try:

1) take all the strings off; go buys some 0000 steel wool; rub it on all the fret ends and see if the burs go away

2) which ever fret(s) are bothering you take a small needle file and try to clean up the end w/o doing damage to the wood or finish

3) i'm pretty darn sure you don't have to have the frets pulled (unless the ends stick up-but even then); best bet would be to take it to a tech; and have him dress the fret ends

I cant really determine the problem w/o having the guitar right in front of me, but I'll bet it's your fret ends (or at least a couple of them).

Take Care, & Good Luck!


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