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Urgent Stop Tail Help Needed

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Alright guys.

I've got an order in the other explorer window and it's with axesrus, which if last night is anything to go by will delete itself any minute now.

I need to order some bushings for the stop tail piece posts to go into. I have the stop piece and some posts but they're a bit fat. The holes in my axe are 10mm and these busings are 11.5mm at the bottom and 12mm at the knurled bit.

Now here is what I think is the crux of the situation. The ones that I have, don't appear to sit flat with the guitars surface if I pushed them in. They have a ring on the top that sits proud of the body. I'm fairly sure that I need the bushings that fit flush with the body. Anyone know where I can get these from in the UK. I've tried phoneing axesrus but they must be round the back smoking and a couple of sites that I've been on are fairly non-specific. I don't mind buying the posts with the studs as the ones I've got are a bit too tight in the tail piece anyway.

Cheers dudes, first correct answer wins a pint, anyone to post them to me wins a pint for each busing and a pint for postage. Prize to be awarded at my local :D

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