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  1. Not a modelling amp (as such), but once I sell my Vox AD15VT, I'm going to be getting one of these: http://www.giggear.co.uk/p/Vox-AmPlug-Cabinet/ Cheap and small. I'm on a budget at the minute (bloddy kids), but the main issue for me is space. My house is just too goddamn small for a propper amp to fit in.
  2. I have a Vox Valvetronix and I really like it. Some of the models don't sound exactly like the real thing, but if you gave me Hendrix's guitar, map and pedalboard, I still wouldn't sound like him, so it's close enough for me. Never had an issue with it (no valve seating issues), other than the fact that my bro nicked my 30 Watt version and replaced it with his 15 Watt one. I've ran out of space in my house so I'm going to sell the 15 Watt one and buy a very small amp that can fit on my bookcase instead. I'll upgrade again once I get a bigger house. All in all, I'm very happy with the amp......... but take that with a pinch of salt as I really am terrible on a guitar.
  3. Obviously Claypool has to be on the list. I saw The Magic Numbers a while back and I was amazed at just how good their bassist is. She's a bassy demon.
  4. My technology teacher at school was hammering home the point of how careful you had to be with a bandsaw and how you had to pay attention at all times. Sadly the pillock was look at us while saying it and managed to cut his lengthways to past the knuckle. Someone should tell Alanis Morisett that THIS is ironic. Have fun on the boards and mind your fingers
  5. I can give all the od advice you want Welcome to the boards dude. I wouldn't say that you're biting off more than you can chew with the tremolo, like zyonsdream says, you can make anything if you've got the skill. One day (probably when I'm retired) I want to have a bash at making everything on the guitar.... right down to chopping my own tree down, so if you've got the tools and the time, give it a go you've got nothing to lose but a few fingers Enjoy the boards and have a look in the tutorial section on the main site, there's loads of info on loads of stuff. Kaj
  6. I've done this on my Cigar Box Guitar http://bareknucklepickups.co.uk/forum/inde...p?topic=13066.0 <--- about half way down the page. I checked a diagram of a HB and wired it to that, after a few minutes of headscratching it was fairly staright forward. Duct taped them together and slung them in. Actually sounds quite good
  7. Wow man, there's some really nice axes in there. Welcome to the boards, sure you'll fit right in
  8. Multiply all of the values by 25.4 and work in millimeters. Personally, I never work in inches for anything where the accuracy needs to be less than a inch. They're just too gooddamn big for accurate work.
  9. mmmm, interesting. I was thinking of bending the side and didn't really think about bending the top instead. I was hoping to have as little effect on the top as possible so all bending the sides would do is make the top a bit smaller on one side, the rim of the top would still be flat. Maybe time to get the scetchpad out. Got a few other ideas to have a look at too (but a lot less drastic) so maybe this sholod go on my project list
  10. Alrighty gents, It's one of those thikngs that's been keeping me up at night, so thought I'd ask you lot. One day, when I get round to building a new acoustic I've been thinking about whether it's possible to put an arm contor on like a strat. As far as I know it's not been done (probably for a good reason). My acoustic is a super jumbo (one of these fat boys http://www.tanglewoodguitars.co.uk/product...mp;view=search) and I love the shape but it's a right bugger to play for any period of time as it's just so bloody big. I'd need slightly larger sides to accomodate the contor and would need to trim it all down level after I've bent it, but in theory, do you think the wood would be able to handle it? I also know that binding would be an issue, but I once saw an acoustic with no binding on it and it looked really good, so that's that issue out of the way. Cheers
  11. Got something special in the pipeline (in my head at least) which I'm still working out if it's possible. Can't me making a start on any acoustcs until I get a proper work space sorted out....... been demoted to only working on the patio now (and I'm told that it's original with the house so you can imagine how level a 135 year old patio with tiny little quarry tiles is). It doesn't lend itself to accurate work.
  12. I'd like to point out that in the UK at least, spring started today with the equinox occuring at 11.44am........... Don't ask me, saw it on the weather report. So chop chop, get a move on
  13. That's disgusting Welcome to the boards Slay.
  14. That's the coolest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.
  15. Ooooh interesting, I hear good things about the Stew Mac ones. One day when I can justify the spend, I might get one. Might breeze past that place first though.
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