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Black And Gold Hipshot Bridge?

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I'll be ordering some Hipshot gear for a new build and contemplating an idea - I feel like I've seen this here before but can't find it in the search; a Hipshot A-Type bass bridge with a gold body and black saddles or vice/versa? Does anyone remember the build thread I'm talking about, or am I just making this up? Google is just turning up a B-Type done like this, and the search here isn't finding it. It may not have been a Hipshot but something in that style.

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Thanks! That was the build I was thinking of, I forgot how beautiful that bass was.

Yeah, I spoke to Hipshot, sounds like they can probably make me up whatever I want. I was inspired by the black and gold ultralites pictured on the rotating graphic on the main page.

Any shots of the sister bridge made of the remaining parts? Certainly don't go to any trouble for me, but if you've got them, it'd be cool to see; I'm thinking more of the reverse combo of what you've got pictured; I'm just trying to get an idea before I settle my mind. It may just be worth it to jump in, or have my hand at a Photoshop mockup.


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