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Help Me Someone!


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I'm new here..

Anyone can help me with my problem?

I have this old guitar with wires all over the place..nothing was in tact

Could someone help me with this? I have no idea where to start..

Its jackson Performer PS2 (thats what it said on the head)

I really appriciate it if someone could help me.

Good Day! :D

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Guitar electronics dot com or seymour duncan schematics will give you loads of wiring schematics.

I'm not familiar with the guitar - what pickups does it have (ie: single coil or humbucker, how many...)

What control knobs? You can then match your requirements to a suitable schematic and get the sucker up and running again.

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That has loads of wiring pictures on.

If there isn't anything on there that helps just message me: The amount and type of pickups, the controls on the front of the guitar and what you want the controls to do and i'll write you a circuit diagram(if you know how to read them) or a wiring picture.

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