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Opinions Needed For Flying V Finish

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Hey all! I'm going to be finishing up the shaping and sanding on my V by the end of this week (pictures found here) and wanted opinions on how to finish this mother. So far, I've come up with 3 possible configurations:

1 - Grainfill with black epoxy, sand back, clear over

2 - Grainfill with black filer, sand back, clear over

3 - Grainfill with either, sand back, dye a transparent color, clear over

Now, the concerns:

1 - I can't find any good pictures of what the finished product of epoxy as a grainfill looks like. But, epoxy is much harder than regular grainfill, and I need all the strength in the finish stage I can get with this pointy guitar

2 - I'm not sure how dark the wood will become after using a black grainfill. This is obviously just a product of not trying it on scrap, but I figured I'd throw it out there

1+2 - My main concern is that the maple won't take either method well enough, and the grainfill with serve to just darken the wings and not the neck. Might that look awkward/out of place?

Which is why I put #3 up there, to balance out the color difference that I'm thinking will inevitably result. I like the look of the woods natural, which is why I don't want to to a solid color. Does anyone have any opinions, or pictures that might serve as inspiration? I'd really appreciate it.

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