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Ebay Project: Right-handed Neck-through 6-string

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(I have pics in case someone needs them)

The project:

-Stew Mac 25" scale maple through-body neck w/ ebony fingerboard

-Mahoghany sides

-Quilted maple top


-Body wings and top were glued in place (seems well-done).

-Body has been cut out to a roughly strat-style shape (deep cutaway on the treble-side, leaving no real room for a humbucker).

-Headstock is a blank paddle (angled).

-No routing has been done.

Ideal Result:

BODY - I would like it to end up a roughly Schecter 006-shaped body. I've traced an outline with pencil on the body to give me an idea of the shape I want. I would like to slightly scoop the cutaway (schecter 006-fashion), but I think I might run out of room. A planed arm rest area would be cool too. That's the one thing I don't like about Schecter guitars - they don't have a strat-style arm rest area.

HEADSTOCK - I'm probably going to go 3x3 headstock. but I've always wanted a 2x4 (2 on the bass side, 4 on the treble side), so I might give that a try.

CONFIGURATION - I'm aiming for a tele-style bridge and control plate, (1 volume, 1 tone, 3 way switch), a Dimarzio Air Norton T in the bridge, and a DiMarzio HS3 in the neck (slanted - it's the only way it will fit).

FINISH - I really have no idea... transparent blue or natural brown would be cool, though. I do need a smooth finish on the back of the neck, like a satin finish or something similar.

So the question is... where do I go from here to finish it?

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