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Non-radiused Fretboard

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That depends on the length of your tang and the radius you're putting on the fretboard. If you're doing a shallow radius (16-20") and using frets with smaller-sized tang, you might be able to get away with it. Or, best-case scenario, you find out that you like playing on a flat fretboard :D

Shop around, though. There are a few manufacturers who might be able to get you extra thick fretboards for this purpose. It's really not that hard to shim a clamping block to compensate for a curved fretboard, though.

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a faster answer (no disrespect xanthus; and im sure none taken) is yes with lots of room to spare, even on a 7.25 radius

Hmm... My only cause for concern is that StewMac lists their Dobro boards at 13/64" thick, or a hair over 5mm. I just feel like it'd be pushing it a bit close for comfort, is all. Then again, I've got no practical experience with the issue either. preradiused boards all the way, for me!

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