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Gibson Sg Body Thickness And Contours.

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Search isn't turning anything up, since "SG" is less than three letters…

Planning my summer builds - a friend of mine is interested in building an SG with my assistance. Curious about the body thickness - seem to remember that the one I had years ago was thinner than a standard slab body fender, but I could be mistaken. I suppose this isn't important, the one we build can be any as thick or as thin as works, but I'm curious what's standard for that style guitar.

Also, does anyone have any decent pictures of the body contours/bevels from the side of the body? I've plenty of pictures of the front and back. Again, we don't need to get it spot on, but I'm interested in seeing a good picture of an original. There's no Gibson dealer in town anymore, so I can't just go look at one at the shop, unfortunately.

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I have built an SG before and the carves can be as difficult as you make them. I think your best bet would be to go in w/ your friend to a guitar store and look at them..

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