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  1. I had to go with the T-Rex... Too much sexy Tele for me not to give it my vote. Ambrosia Maple is soooo awesome, and I love the smooth carves into the Paudauk. I also dig Hitone's 1969. Love the design of the sound holes. Beautiful archtop!
  2. I knew I was voting for RAD's V as soon as I saw he posted it, and that didn't change... But this was a solid month. I especially liked verhoevenc's acoustic and the Whalehazard Thunderback bass.
  3. Same. Madhattr got my vote again. But, I loved every build in this GOTM so they're all worthy winners in my book.
  4. This is probably the toughest GOTM for me that I can remember. Besides the excellent quality of all of the builds, most of them resonate with my personal tastes as well. I initially felt pretty sure I was going to vote for the Sakura, but the #36 really made the decision a lot more difficult. I think the only thing that could've made this GOTM even more difficult would've been ihocky throwing in his Typhon! (I really would like to see it in a GOTM, though.) I ended up going with the Sakura... I very much dig the concept and aesthetic. It was still pretty much a toss-up though. The #36 is beautiful and I'd be more than happy owning it! I also really like The Boss... That wenge top is sexy.
  5. WOH! That's some beautiful work! You absolutely have to put this in the GOTM.
  6. True that. I think it's just the unspalted outer areas causing my usual disinclination toward clear-coated unaltered maple tops to kick in. Even so, it's an awesome build that likely would've gotten my vote if madhattr88 hadn't taken it.
  7. SwedishLuthier - Love the overall vibe... Definitely a guitar I want to pick up and jam out on. RestorationAD - Beautifully clean and sharp. The fretboard is a very tasty piece of cocobolo. I think the top could have something more going on, but it's still very nice as it is. 3DogNate - The build itself is a bit on the plain side for me, but I love the midi stuff so that's awesome! orgmorg - I love the concept and the look! I especially like the hardware. madhattr88 - I voted for this one. Very graceful and clean, and I'm in love with the acoustic aesthetic. I would be interested in seeing this with some alternative hardware choices and configurations just for kicks, but it's awesome as it is.
  8. Hnnnnnnngh! I want this guitar, haha! +1000000
  9. So sexy! I really dig the switch tip (and knobs)... I love your builds, pukko, and this is no exception.
  10. My vote went to the Hufschmid. Of all the guitars, I want to pick up and play that one the most. The only details I don't especially care for (and have already been mentioned by others) are the red kill switch and the string retainer. I might have went with Bill Blue's Gordita (I love Teles and padauk), but I would prefer a normal size body and possibly a rear-route for the controls. On the other hand, the finish doesn't bother me like it seems to have others! There are many fine guitars this month that just aren't really my style. In particular, wyrd's Spider is a really interesting design and is well executed. I also dig chile's Moro; major props for execution there! I agree with the others: you might get more votes if you had that comparison pic in your GOTM post.
  11. Agh, so awesome... It has an acoustic look which I love. I am very excited to see what it looks like with hardware and strings on it! Definitely one of my favorite builds in awhile.
  12. EPIIIIIIIIIIIIC!!! And ditto, some sound/video clips would be pretty cool.
  13. Blah, can't fight the urge to throw in a few more of my favorite (metal) guitarists that I don't think have been mentioned. Trey Azagthoth (Morbid Angel) Muhammed Suiçmez (Necrophagist) Paul Masvidal (Cynic) Kelly Schaefer and Rand Burkey (Atheist) Fredrik Schälin (Anata) Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity) All worth listening to if you don't mind metal and sweet guitarage... Oh, I also dig Buckethead quite a bit.
  14. I've been on a bit of an Annihilator kick lately, so I might as well mention Jeff Waters since I haven't seen his name in this thread yet. Good stuff. I love their first album (and the guitar work) to bits. Edit: While I'm here... Two other guitarists that are amazing and that you've probably never heard (unless you're really into metal) are Tommy Vetterli of Coroner and Aleksander Sidorchik of Aspid. Awesome stuff... Both bands are among my top 3 or 4 favorite thrash bands.
  15. My personal favorites are the H8 Baritone, Mr. Blue Bigsby, Stagolee, and Oceana Prototype. In the end, my vote went to the Stagolee... H8 Baritone: Very sexy! I love the choice of woods and the natural finish. I especially like how the dark streaks in the top are accented by the black hardware. And eight strings to boot! Fun fun fun! This design comes together extremely well in my opinion; I would love to own this guitar. If it hadn't been for the Stagolee, the H8 would've gotten my vote. Mr. Blue Bigsby: I've always been a huge Tele fan, and I really like what you did here. I have no doubt it's a dream to play! I'm a big fan of having fretboard markers (if any at all) at the edge(s) of the fretboard like that, and it's really cool seeing that style on a Tele. Oceana Prototype: I dig the retro styling! The clean, single-pickup design is great too. I really want to pick it up and play it! Stagolee: I've been watching your builds for awhile and they grow on me the more I see them. This one just takes the cake! I love everything about it: the finish, the shape, the hollowbody, all of the aesthetic touches... DO WANT! An awesome month for sure... Probably the first month I can remember where I actually liked all of the entries. There are some amazing builders on this forum!
  16. Wowowow! I can't wait to see this one finished! It's turning out very nicely.
  17. Woooooo! Now that's a helluva looker there! I love it.
  18. BEAUTIFUL! Not a fan of the blue hardware personally, but that's not a real issue... Really, I would LOVE to own one of these. One of these days...
  19. Chambered Nylon got my vote. Very sexy design I thought, and it's very suited to my tastes.
  20. This month's didn't quite do it for me, but I loved the "33" you did back in...Feb I think it was.
  21. My vote went to the Strandberg Ergonomic. I just love everything about it, it all fits together perfectly. My other favorite this month is Metalhead's guitar. Not particularly my style, but it's absolutely beautiful nonetheless.
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