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Shielding A Thinline

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Hello, Acoustic/Hollow forum! I don't believe I've ever posted a topic here.

Well... here goes!

I'm in the process of planning out an RG thinline, taking heavy inspiration from Stewey's build, as well as the guys over at BlackMachine. The body is going to be 1-1/4" thick mahogany, hollowed out to 1/2" from the sides. This will be capped with 1/2" mahogany on the front and back, hollowed out to, well, I don't know, but fairly thin. I do want it to sound akin to a smaller jazz box, after all. The neck/center block will be 4" thick, 5 piece laminate of walnut/maple/w/m/w, so the pickups will be contained within the center block.

I want to put F-Holes in the top, because I want to capture as much of a hollowbody feel as I can without actually building one. I know all about the feedback and noise problems with jazz guitars at high volumes, and since I play either jazz or metal, this is obviously a concern. Though because the feedback is proportional to the size of the cavities, how much of this will actually be a problem with a thinline of my dimensions?

I've been trying to squeeze the electronics into their own isolated box, separate from the main cavity, but because of the f-holes and the small(er) size of the RG body, I'm finding it very very hard to do so without compromising the placement of the electronics. I don't want my knobs and switches behind the bridge :D So I'm thinking of scrapping the separate control box and installing the electronics right into the cavity. I don't know if anyone had advice on how to do my electronics or shield them to get rid of any noise problems I might run into. Thanks!

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