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Hollow Body Strat

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I guess I should say I'm new to building Guitars. I have been lurking in the wings for a while but have never posted. I have built a few guitars, mostly basses. It started when my grandson dropped mine and shattered the finish on the body. I kept it for about a year like that but it being made of plywood and the back cracked, it kept picking my shirts. Being desent at woodworking I finely made a body for it and enjoyed doing it. the body was made of oak with some ceder in it


I have a friend that owns a music store and he wanted a hollow body Strat. So I started making 2 of them. In the process One of them busted out the back in the plainer so that only left one.

And for some reason I don't have a picture on this computer of it. but I can get it if anyone wants to see it.

So to what I'm doing now. I started my my hollow body. I'm making it out of popular wood, because I have a ton of it laying around. I plan on useing parts that are left from a guitar that is a Strat like guiter


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Here is the first Hollow body I built



Note the P90's. I had to make the pick guard to be able to install them. I used some Black Walnut to make it out of. I gave it to the guy I made it for and he is finishing it.

Now back to the one I'm building for myself


The front again but with the roughting and the bevel for the arm


and another view of the bevel for the arm


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I had a bunch of old popular and I wanted to paint the guitar so I built it up. All of it was rough cut and plained to 3/4" I had to add the band you see in the picture and I added a 3/16" back. I'm almost finished the second one, I got sidetracked with a boat rebuild. The first one with the walnut pick guard had a great sound to it. I was glad to hear the volume of it when it was unplugged. It wasn't as loud as a flattop but it could hole it own in a acoustic band. And when it's plugged in it has a warm 70's sound and that it what the guy wanted when he ask me to build it.

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