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Vacuum Press For Veneer Vs. 1/4" Top

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I'm looking at either buying or building a vacuum press to use when veneering tops, but I'd like to know if anyone suggests using a vacuum press when attaching thicker tops?

I've done some searches but haven't found a definitive answer on whether or not a vacuum press is the preferred way to attach a thicker (1/8", 1/4") top, or if simply gluing and clamping will work best in those situations.

I'm new here and I've learned a lot in the little time I've been lurking!

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If the fit's tight, vacuum should be able to veneer 1/8" and/or 1/4" wood without too much trouble.

I recently got a nice big vacuum bag from vac-u-clamp.com, on their blowout page, fair price. Also got one of their rotating vacuum clamps (sold out now, I think) which works perfectly, and a ventauri vacuum generator that lets me pull vacuum using my compressor. Handy, since I don't have the space for a dedicated vacuum pump at this moment in time.

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