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Kent Armstrong wiring


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Before i started mod-ing my guitar i had a KA Hotrails in the bridge with two other stock pickups. Now ive got a KA Distortion in the bridge, a Coolrails in the middle and the Hotrails in the neck

Ive lost the pieces of paper with the colour codes....fool is me

The Coolrails and Distortion have black, red/pink, green, white and shield. I emailed WDMusicProducts to check and apparently: red is hot, green and shield to ground and the other two are for coil splitting (but i just want normal series humbucking).

The Hotrails doesnt have a green wire, it has black, red, blue, white and shield.

In the past i had it wired: white to hot, black and shield to ground and the blue and red soldered together and insulated. Now based on how i was told to wire the other KA's, im not so sure i had the Hotrail wired right.

Oh, i would email WD but they told me they would be away this week and im impatient!

Soooooooo.....what would you do?! :D

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